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December 16, 2022

Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

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Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

Several affiliate programs are offered worldwide, and affiliate marketing is a sizable business. When you think of affiliate marketing, networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Impact Radius come to mind. But what if your blog is for people in India and most people visiting it are from India? So let us read more about Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

So, Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

You can’t sell products from other countries to people in India. You need to identify affiliate programs and items geared toward the Indian market.

Amazon India

Amazon India has the most online sales of any company in India. Amazon is the dream of every affiliate marketer because of its high commission rates, website conversion rates, and average order value. You can join this affiliate program using the Amazon account you already have.

By signing up as an affiliate, you’ll be given tools to help you find products and create links more quickly. With the SiteStripe toolbar, you can link to any page on as an affiliate. You can even tweet or post about the affiliate link on Facebook.

You even get a list of banners that work well on desktops and mobile devices and can be used in different parts of your blog. You can make links to products with images and embed the code in the post to get more people to click on them.

So as per this Which Affiliate Is Best In India? article, The best thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you get paid even if a customer buys something else after clicking on your link.

For example, if you’re promoting an iPhone 6S case on your blog and a reader clicks on it, navigates, and buys a refrigerator, you still get a commission because you sent converting traffic to Amazon.

Your commission can range from 0.3% to 12%, depending on the product bought.


Flipkart was one of India’s first online shopping sites. The Indian consumer knows and trusts them because they have a well-known brand. It has a lot of products and a lot of people buy from it.

Just like Amazon, different products on Flipkart have different commission rates. The commission rates might differ depending on whether the user bought the product on the site or through a mobile app.

When a new user buys something, the commission rates are different. Here, you can find the commission rates for each device and product. You can even get paid for each app installation.

Flipkart gives affiliate marketers a lot of tools that make their jobs easier. It comes with links to products, banners, and widgets that you can add to your site. You can even add a search for products on Flipkart to your blog.


One of the first CPA networks in India was VComission. About 1,750,000 affiliates have joined VComission. VComission helps marketers reach more than one goal.

So as guided in this Which Affiliate Is Best In India? article, You can make money by generating leads, getting people to download your app, or making e-commerce sales. It has eBay, Myntra, SnapDeal, and HomeShop18 as its top e-commerce clients.

If you have a site with coupons, you can upload your Coupon CSV to this affiliate network. You can link to any product in the inventory by using the deep link Generator.


One of India’s leading providers of hosting and domains is Bigrock. They have a program for affiliates that pays out high commissions. The best thing about this affiliate program is that Bigrock has a wide range of products that work well together.

You could, for example, make money by selling Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, the DIY Website Builder Tool, or Digital Certificates. The person who used your affiliate link to buy a domain might also want to buy web and email hosting.

You can sell the same reader more plans and make more money. Signing up for Bigrock is a good way to start making affiliate commissions if you have a blog about blogging, web technologies, or marketing.


Godaddy, the biggest domain name registrar in the world, has an affiliate program just for India. You can become a Godaddy affiliate through an affiliate network like Zanox or Commission Junction.

So considering this Which Affiliate Is Best In India? article, Godaddy is the best affiliate program because it offers a wide range of plans and products and pays up to 100% commissions.

Godaddy has all the tools a webmaster needs to start an online business and grow it. Domains, hosting plans, email accounts, and reseller plans from Godaddy all have high commissions.

The best thing about Godaddy is that it has 24/7 customer service. The best part is that Godaddy has more than 100 high-click-through banners you can put on your website by copying and pasting some code.


Hostgator has been a popular hosting service for a long time. Hostgator has a separate office and servers for Indian customers. Hostgator India’s affiliate program pays out $1,250 per sale as a commission.

Hostgator will pay you at least 1250 INR, regardless of your plans. As you sell more, this payout goes up. Hostgator is a service that people trust, and because of that, it can be easy to turn your users into buyers. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate and put banners on your blog with a high conversion rate.


You should join the TripAdvisor affiliate program if you have a travel blog or a blog about experiences. This program has some good points. Commissions can be as high as 50%, and there are special programs that can help you make more money.

You’ll get more sales by linking to 500,000 city and hotel pages. You’ll get a set of banners and widgets that you can put on your website to get people to click on them and earn a commission.

Conclusion – Which Affiliate Is Best In India?

India is a significant market for international Affiliate Network Optimise. It has many products in different categories, such as retail, travel, cars, telecom, and finance. PayTM, CitiBank, Jabong, Yatra, RedBus, Vivo, and Airtel are some of the most well-known Indian advertisers.

At the moment, they have 1,400 Premium Advertisers in 30 different countries. So this concludes the topic for Which Affiliate Is Best In India?.