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January 12, 2023

What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?

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Any company owner or marketing manager in charge of a website knows it is a huge responsibility. So let us read So let us read more about What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?

What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?

So, What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?

You have to maintain an eye on it and ensure it’s healthy. You have to clean up after it. But it can be simple if you have the proper systems in place.

You can’t just make health-check fixes at the start of the year and expect your site to take care of itself after that. Changes always affect your website’s health, so you need to be there all the steps of the way.

Many things can cause these changes, such as adding new pages to your site, getting and losing links, and having other websites copy your content. If your website isn’t in good shape for too long, it can hurt your rankings and cause you to lose too many leads.

That’s why we do weekly health checks to ensure all of our client’s websites are in great shape and working to their full potential.

So as per this What Is A Good Site Health Score in India? article, We’ll walk you through our wellness process and tell you why improving your site’s standings, traffic, overall user experience and conversions are important.

How to understand your Good Health Score

Usually, you should make some changes if your Health Score is under 60. You could do better if it’s between 60 and 80, but you don’t need to worry. If your Health Score is between 80 and 100, you are doing well and don’t need to do anything differently.

Each score is out of 100, and it tells you how close your listing is to booking at the same rate as the market shortly. The higher your score, the closer you are to market occupancy.

Higher Health Scores mean that your listing is getting booked at the same rate as the market, which means that the price is right based on supply and demand.

Lower Health Scores show listings with much higher or lower occupancy than your market’s identified occupancy. If the assignment is overbooked, it could mean that the price is too low. If the listing is underbooked, it could mean that the price is too high.

In your Beyond Pricing Dashboard, you can see the different Health Scores for each listing. Hover over the Health Score to see how a listing’s occupancy compares to the market tenancy for the next 30 and 90 days:

Our System

As with all of our systems at CleverClicks, Google Sheets is the best way for us to work. It’s easy to use, the information is saved automatically, and everyone on the team who is working on the process can see and change it.

So as guided in this What Is A Good Site Health Score in India? article, Each client has been given a new tab with a sheet in the same Google Sheet. This lets us switch between clients quickly and well whenever we need to.

The Procedure

The initial step is to gather all the information we require to find out where the problems are on each website. After getting all the information, the next step is to take the necessary steps and fix the problems.

Google’s Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that Google gives us that we use for several things, such as:

  • Errors in crawling / broken links (404s)
  • structure data mistakes
  • txt errors
  • XML sitemap errors
  • Mobile usability

The crawl error is the most common problem we run into. This is when you click on a link, and instead of seeing the page you want to see, you see a big 404 error message across your screen.

Google Search Console lets us quickly see what other links on a website-based Google haven’t been able to crawl, which can cause several problems.

First, it can make users angry by letting them click on links that don’t go anywhere, which could make more people leave the site. And second, any links that appeared on the page with a 404 error are lost, which means that the linked extract from those links is also lost.

PageSpeed Insights

Page efficiency is a key SEO ranking factor because it greatly affects how a site’s users feel. Users will be annoyed by slow pages, and Google wants users to have the best online experience.

So according to this What Is A Good Site Health Score in India? article, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which is free, is the best tool you can use to check how fast your site’s pages load.

It does precisely what its name says, giving you information about the different things that affect the speed of your website’s pages and a page speed score of 100.

So according to this What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?, The most common problem with page speed is that images need to be optimized. This means that the file size and resolution of the images on a page are too big, which makes the page take longer to load.

Screaming Frogs

Screaming Frog is a useful tool that lets you crawl any website you want from your computer. You can download it for free, but if you want to use all of its features, you must purchase the full version, which is what we do. We use it to evaluate a wide range of website problems, such as:

URL structures: Screaming Frog tells us if URLs are SEO-friendly, if they are too long (more than 115 characters) if they are duplicates, and if they have upper case letters or underscores. We can also look at each URL by hand to see if it is set up properly for SEO.

Page titles: We can look at several things, like whether the titles are too long (more than 65 characters), too short (less than 30 characters), duplicated, or even missing from the page. If a page title is too long, it gets cut off at the top of the search results page.

On either hand, page titles that are too short don’t use all the available space to rank for those keywords. This means they don’t use all the available space to rank for those keywords, and users may not click on them because they aren’t interesting enough.

So considering this What Is A Good Site Health Score in India? article, Page titles need to explain what the page is about in as several words as possible.


Ahrefs is the tool we use to check on the status of our clients’ backlinks, referring domains and link-building campaigns. We pay almost $200 monthly, but it’s a useful tool.

You can try it out for free, but you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. During our weekly health checks, we track how many backlinks and make reference domains we lost, gained, or broke.

Conclusion – What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?

So, we follow a two-step process involving using different tools to collect all the health-check data and then putting all the health-check fixes in place. Implementation can take different amounts of time, but we like to set aside a certain number of hours per week to ensure we do it right.

We’ve found that doing weekly health screenings is a good way to track how our clients’ websites are doing and a very helpful way to do so. SEO-wise, websites that aren’t healthy can cause big drops in rankings, traffic, and conversions if they aren’t fixed regularly. So this concludes the topic for What Is A Good Site Health Score in India?.