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December 16, 2022

Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India?

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Before moving further, it’s critical to identify the primary motivations for your decision to launch an Amazon affiliate website. First, Amazon has a very low payout for affiliates, usually between 1% and 3%. So let us read more the answer to this Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India? question.

Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India

So, Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India?

Don’t let this stop you, though. There are some very expensive items that you can sell and still make a good amount of money from each sale. Sometimes, you only need to sell two or three daily items to make $100/day.

Still, there are many reasons why people decide to start an Amazon affiliate site. Here are a few models:

  • They are easy to start, which makes them a great way to learn how to market on the internet.
  • They have a clear path from making something to making money.
  • The Amazon “cookie” lets you make money from products other than the one you’re promoting. Amazon already has authority, so you don’t have to do as much “selling” on your end.
  • If you choose the right product, there are a lot of chances.
  • Review posts can bring in a lot of traffic and are easy to make.
  • If you choose the right niche, these sites can easily grow.
  • Can make a lot of money over time

The setup of an Amazon affiliate website does have some disadvantages.

  • Most of the time, Amazon has lower commissions than other affiliate programs.
  • Making content based on reviews can get boring after a while.
  • Time and effort are required for link building and ranking
  • Amazon niche sites must be well-planned now if they are to last for a long time.

How to Pick a Good Niche

Before you start building your website, you’ll need to choose a niche to focus on. Making a website with reviews of every Amazon product under the sun won’t help anyone. For your site to be successful, you’ll need to choose a specific market and products to sell.

Solid, Focused Traffic

Most of the traffic to your affiliate site will come from searches for products and reviews of those products. Most of the time, these will be longer phrases like “Blendtec 570 vs. Vitamix 5300” or “greenworks mower vs. black and decker.” These keywords are used by people who want to buy something, so the traffic they send is highly focused.

So as per this Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India? article, These kinds of searches suggest that the person is just looking for more information so they can make a better buying decision.

During your first research, it’s best to avoid keywords like “how to build a treehouse” or “homemade coffeepot,” which are more informational and won’t lead to a sale immediately. But we do show you how to use these keywords as part of your overall content strategy.

How much traffic your site needs to be successful will depend on the price of the products you’re selling and how many people buy from your site. Sometimes, you only need a few people to visit your site for it to make a lot of money.

A High-End Product Line to Promote

If you’re mostly promoting Amazon products, you should pick a set of products with a high price point. Since the commission on Amazon is so low, it’s hard to make a stable living by promoting $1–5 items. Items with a higher price point, like high-end appliances, furniture, BBQs, blenders and juicers, or bikes, can get you at least $50 more per sale.

But keep going if you can find a high-end series of products that you want to sell. You can still make a good living by selling cheaper products if you sell enough of them. We also give an example of a site that only promotes books through Amazon and still makes good commissions.

So as guided in this Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India?, Remember that the Amazon cookie lasts for 24 hours. So, if someone buys a product from your site during that time, you’ll get a commission.

How to Make Sure Your Site’s Niche Is Right

You wouldn’t want to pick a niche only to find out later that there is too much competition or not enough traffic to keep your site going. Here is a repeatable process that will help you figure out how much traffic your niche gets overall and how much competition there is in the market.

Research on Keywords

We’re going to use good old Google to start the process of narrowing down our niches. You should already have some ideas for niches.

Competition Analysis

Put some of the words from the product names into the Google search bar. For this example, we’ll use the keyword “weber summit s-470,” which we found during our research.

We searched for a few Amazon listings and a few review sites for this term. A website called Amazing Ribs is on the first page. This caught my eye, so I decided to look into it more.

This site may look like it has a lot of authority, but it doesn’t care about its visitors. As you can see, the site is full of ads and doesn’t do much to make it easy to read. The information is long and hard to understand. You could easily make a website that reviews this product and makes it easier to read and understand.

So as per this Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India? article, The next step is to look at the page’s backlink profile.

Also, this is good news. This page has four links that all come from the same place. You could do this on your own and do it better.

Ranking Quality Content

It’s a good sign if a site ranks with low-quality content, meaning it’s poorly written, has a low word count, and doesn’t offer anything to the reader.

Putting in more time to make content can help you make a better website.

Backlink Quantity and Quality

The backlink profile is the second sign. We want to find a site with few backlinks from places that don’t have anything to do with it. The more backlinks a site has, the harder it will be to rank higher than it. Use a tool like MajesticSEO to look at the site’s link profile.

Keep doing this with your product keywords, so you can be sure you’ll have several products with low competition that you can start promoting. So this concludes the topic for Do I Need My Own Website For Amazon Affiliates in India?.